de miel


blanche de bois

acqua di callitris


Natural perfumes are a gift.  The essences used in their creation are not made in a laboratory, but are produced by the plants themselves as a result of their life force connection to sunlight, air and soil.  Traditional cultures have extracted vital plant essences for hundreds, if not thousands of years for their spiritual and healing powers as well as for their ability to delight. We’re just beginning to reacquaint ourselves with these complex and mysterious sources and reconnecting ourselves to the aromas of our ancestors.  It is a connection not only to our human history, but to the natural world around us.

Natural perfumes tend to be strong when first experienced but immediately settle down into the personal space. They also tend to be fleeting; lasting a few hours to the better part of a day.  This is a positive aspect as they allow one to wear and enjoy more than one perfume in a day, which is in keeping with how the nose perceives scent. The morning nose prefers lighter top note compositions while the afternoon nose better perceives floral heart notes. The evening nose needs an even heavier scent as characterized by base notes.  Our perfumes are designed with this phenomena in mind and are meant to be layered as the day progresses from morning to evening.

Our perfumes are blended by hand using botanical essences that have been extracted through steam distillation, hydrodistillation, natural solvent extraction, carbon dioxide extraction, tincture in biodynamic grape alcohol, maceration and enfleurage.  All of our tinctures, macerations and enfleurages are done in-house using our own biodynamically grown plants.  The nuances of these essences draws one into the soul of the plant and reminds us of our connection to other growing organisms.  It is hoped that natural perfumes will create enough interest to insure the ultimate survival of our plant world and its variety.

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